Push Button

Hello I'm Max and I am happy you came to my site to see my work. I’m a hard working guy who always loves animation, video games and getting the job done on time. I’m great with teamwork as I love meeting you new people, Experiencing New Software and Hardware.

Animation was something that I realised later in my life that it was something I could do with a passion. The joy of bringing life to a lifeless puppet/rig  felt truly special. It was always a part of my life but I only realised when I went to University that I could become an animator.

Animation Experience:

Bipedal Rigging - Hand Animation - Motion Capture - Game Engine Implementation 

Animation SoftWare Experience:

3DS Max - Maya - Unreal Engine 4 - Unity - Cortex [Motion Analysis] 

Other Useful Software Experience:

Photoshop - Premiere Pro - StoryBoarder 

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